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My career as a trained chef was the outlet for my creativity for many years,  but after the birth of my son I knew that the professional kitchen was no longer a viable option for me and my family.  I continued to create culinary art at home for my friends and loved ones but found that there was still a desire to express myself in new ways beyond food.  My interest in photography grew as I took endless photos of my son Cooper.  I realized I had a knack and a passion for children’s photography.  That passion seemed to only grow in intensity.  Through mentorship and endless practice I turned my once hobby into my now thriving business.  


Whether I’m on location, in the studio or designing a set;  my love for the work grows everyday.  I get to capture the faces and feelings of so many wonderful children and families.

Pregnancy, infancy, birthdays and family portraits mark the milestones that make life so interesting. I hope you will allow me to capture your memories and turn your milestones into beautiful photographs to be cherished for decades to come!


Thank you,

Lauren Wilson

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Phone: 4845157251

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